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Staff Contacts and Links

Page history last edited by Jack Phillips 4 years ago

 Carman Collegiate Staffing - 2016 - 2017


Staff name, position, and link                                          Email address

(if underlined, click on their name)


Mr. Jack Phillips - Principal                                               jphillips at prsdmb.ca

Mr. Jeff Latimer - Vice-Principal                                       jlatimer at prsdmb.ca


Grade 7 and 8

Mr. Jeff Latimer - Grade 7 SS and Science                        jlatimer at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Verna Clemis - Gr. 7 HR                                            vclemis at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Jodi Rouire - Grade 7 HR and French                        jrouire at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Marilyn Thompson - Grade 8 HR                              mthompson at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Kim Deamel - Grade 8 HR and drama                      kdeamel at prsdmb.ca


Senior Years

Mr. Warren Hoffman - Sr. ELA                                           whoffman at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Verna Clemis - Gr. 9 ELA                                            vclemis at prsdmb.ca

Mr. Wayne Nykyforak - Sr. Math                                       wnykyforak at prsdmb.ca

Ms. Rosanne Massinon - Sr. Science                                 rmassinon at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Dee-Ann McCullough - Sr. Social Studies                 dmccullough at prsdmb.ca

Mr. Dave Spitznagel - Business                                         dspitznagel at prsdmb.ca

Ms. Kelsey Nicholson - Music                                            knicholson at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Jacquie Metcalf - French and Drama                          jmetcalf at prsdmb.ca

Mr. James Ballantyne - Physical Education                         jballantyne at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Larisa Ens - Gr. 9 Math and Sr. PE                               lens at prsdmb.ca


Human Ecology and Industrial Arts

Mrs. Jennifer Courtney - Home Economics                       jcourtney at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Alice Phillips - Home Economics                               aphillips at prsdmb.ca

Mr. Trevor Lang - Woodworking                                      tlang at prsdmb.ca

Mr. Evan Williams- Electronics                                          ewilliams at prsdmb.ca            


Student Support Program

Ms. Lauren Adams - Resource and gr. 9 Art                     ladams at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Donna Pritchard - Guidance Coun.                          pritchardd at prsdmb.ca

Mr. Lynn Rempel - Support                                             lrempel at prsdmb.ca


Support Staff

Mrs. Kyla Orchard - Secretary                                          korchard at prsdmb.ca

Mrs. Jeannette Labossiere - Secretary                              jlabossiere at prsdmb.ca


Ms. Heather Armstrong - Librarian

Mrs. Tracy Plaitin - Librarian Assistant


Mrs. Lori Banman - Educational Assistant

Mrs. Karen Elias - Educational Assistant

Ms. Jennifer Green - Educational Assistant

Ms. Linda Kowal - Educational Assistant

Mrs. Carol Lorenz - Educational Assistant

Mrs. Betty Ann Major - Educational Assistant

Mrs. Joanne Scott - Educational Assistant

Mrs. Lorraine Vandersluis - Educational Assistant

Ms. Val Wilde - Educational Assistant


Mr. Glenn Owens - Head Custodian

Ms. April van Roon - Custodian 

Mr. Bruce Goodwin - Custodian

Ms. Tamera Pethybridge - Custodian

Mr. Zane Desserre - Custodian

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